Used Furniture for Different Rooms

By William Brister

Very often people find themselves living on tight budgets looking to furnish rooms their houses with functional but cheap and affordable furniture. One way to fulfill this option is to buy used or second hand furniture. The term second hand describes any item of furniture that has been previously used and therefore not considered a new item.

Whilst decorating their homes, people often tend to discard or sell their existing furniture to make room for new pieces. The first and best place to try and look for cheap and second hand living room or even office furniture is a second hand shop. These shops can offer some very good deals for first time buyers, college students and people who are renting.

There are some second hand shops known as consignment shops which buy single pieces of used furniture from private owners. These places are also great bargain areas as they may offer you unique pieces that serve your needs. Besides being highly functional, the furniture sold here is cheap. You may ask the manager of these shops to keep you updated when he gets a furniture piece that matches your requirement. Sometimes second hand furniture may not look appealing but a little restoration and refurbishing can make it look attractive and as good as new. You can paint the old used furniture or add new upholstery to it to change the look of your living room or dining room furniture and match it with your walls or color scheme.

It is important to use different techniques when looking for second hand or used furniture both, when shopping online or off line. Many types of used furniture can be a good bargain depending on what kind of wood and furnishing is used. Most wooden furniture that is not made of fiber board is long lasting. Living room sofas, dining room chairs and office furniture are often upholstered and may show wear and tear. Buying second-hand furniture and re-upholstering it as per your choice of fabric and colour may serve to be quite economical as well as enjoyable.

Television shows such as Antiques Roadshow have popularized the bargain hunting experience. It is a great feeling to have paid peanuts for some used and second hand furniture only to learn later that it is much more valuable than what you actually were made to believe. This popular TV show is increased competition as more and more people are bargain hunting for affordable used furniture. It is a great way to fully furnish your house, whether it is second hand furniture for dining rooms, used furniture for bedrooms or living rooms.

The greatest challenge to bargain hunting is having proper knowledge of the second hand furniture being purchased. Knowledge is much needed to be able to spot pieces and identify them to a manufacturer and an approximate date of construction. One must also take care in checking to see if the used furniture has been damaged, materially changed or any hand construction work has been performed on it. Reconstruction work makes the piece of used furniture less original and thereby typically lowers the value. Another challenge is the number of imitations the original piece of used furniture may have. Once something becomes popular, or is known to be valuable, competition will always attempt to duplicate it. These duplicates are often only worth a fraction of the original design and yet can be deceivingly difficult to identify as knock-offs.

There are several sites today that sell all kinds of used and second hand furniture ranging from dining room furniture to living rooms, kitchens and outdoor furniture. If you have a small patio or a garden that you would like to maintain despite tight budgets, used gardening tools are also available on auctions sites like eBay.

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