Tips for Buying Used Furniture

By Elvio Romeo

New furniture is usually very expensive and can put holes in your pockets. Nowadays, many people opt to buy used furniture. These are very cheap and can save you up to 80% than if you buy brand new furniture. However, you have to be careful and wise in buying used furniture. Here are some tips that you can use for buying used furniture.

  • Inspect the furniture you want to buy in every angle. You have to know the condition and how much more you need to spend for repairs and improvement. Make sure that it is still durable and can still last for a long time. Think ahead. Will it still be usable after a couple of years? And if you have to spend more money by getting it fixed than if you buy a new one, then that furniture is not worth it even if it is sold dirt cheap.
  • Test the furniture. You can lean on the table, sit on the chairs, open and close cabinet doors, squeeze upholstery, etc. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to do this. After all, you are still going to pay for it even though it is sold at a bargain price.
  • Plan a budget and stick to it. Sure, second hand furniture is cheap. But after buying ten tables, six cabinets, and five couches that you don’t really need, you might find yourself spending more than what you planned for. Individual price is cheap, but take a step back and look at everything as group to know the actual price. Add everything up, including the delivery fee.
  • Choose the best place for bargains. There are garage sales, flea markets, thrift shops, online auctions, junk stores, salvage yards, warehouse outlet sales, and a lot more. Compare the furniture among them and go to the place with the cheapest yet good quality furniture.

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