Things to Know When Buying Used Computer Furniture

By Michelle Louis

If you are looking for cost-saving solutions when buying computer furniture, used computer furniture may be the way to go. Buying used furniture has many advantages over buying new furniture.

Sometimes, when a large company goes out of business, re-locates, or remodels the company will get rid of their used furniture. Furniture dealers will buy the lot for extremely discounted rates. This is beneficial to the company because they no longer have the problem of what to do with their old furniture and they do not have to worry about selling the furniture themselves.

As a consumer, the benefits to you of buying used furniture are:

1. prices may be negotiable since dealers mark up the prices significantly
2. if you cannot find the exact style to match the rest of your décor
3. you can save significant amounts of money versus buying brand new furniture

Below is a short list of common issues you may want to be aware of when buying used furniture:

1. Research what guarantees and warranties are offered by your dealer. Common issues with used furniture will be stuck drawers, loose doors, chipped/scratched wood etc.
2. Research the brand and/or manufacturer of the furniture as if you were buying it new. This will ensure that you are paying a fair market price. Make sure you are not paying “new furniture prices” on used furniture.
3. Once you find the used furniture you want, look into new models of that furniture. Sometimes, wholesale or direct from manufacturers prices are better that used prices from a dealer.

As with anyone you do business with, do some research about your dealer before you buy. You can find dealers in the yellow pages or online. Online, you can find reviews from other customers. Remember, furniture salesman work off commission – so be smart when you are listening to a sales pitch.

Be aware that furniture is marked up by huge amounts, almost more than any other retail product. This leaves a lot of room for flexibility and negotiation. However, you can also lose a lot of money by getting suckered into a bad deal. So do your research and be an educated consumer.

Used Computer Furniture

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