Selecting Bedroom Furniture

By: Sharon Samraj

In selecting bedroom furniture, the initial consideration will be what wide category you identify yourself with: uptown metropolitan, garden cottage, customary, transitional, or extraordinary. A half hour visit with a best salesperson at House of Oak & Sofas will help you find out which of these wide categories resonate with you.

Uptown metropolitan Category
In the uptown metropolitan category, platform beds are all the rage. A platform bed normally has few kind of headboard appended to a wood frame that has wood legs at the foot of the bed also. Nevertheless, there is no footboard to speak of so when you look at the bed, you see the clean lines of the bedding clear by any panels or spindles on the footboard. Nevertheless, this is not a characteristic “headboard only” arrangement where a headboard is attached to a metal Hollywood frame, as in most hotels, and there are no feet at the foot of the bed. In a platform bed, you get all the firm characteristics of a customary bed but keep out the “business” of the footboard. Other than an unhindered view of the bedding, our consumers like platform beds due to the easiness in making the bed, and for taller consumers, no hindrance for the “feet hanging over the end of the bed” syndrome. Platform beds frequently have a full slatted frame beneath so that the mattress may be used without a box spring. This low profile look is tremendously famous with youth. One of the uptown styles that continue to develop, particularly with young professionals, is the Arts and Crafts style.

Garden Cottage Style
In the garden cottage style, painted beds are famous with white and off-white being the majority used colors. Beds that combine wood and woven are also famous for the “bring the outdoors in” look. Although bedding is normally utilized to add an inflection color, House of Oak & Sofas may customize your bed with hand-painting to go with wallpaper or other decor. Metal beds are also well-liked in this category with certain beds having leaf or floral motifs in their building. are In the garden cottage style Cape Cod Bedroom Furniture and Cottage Retreat Bedroom Furniture are there.

Customary Bedroom Furniture
Customary bedroom furniture remains one of the most well-liked categories; nevertheless, mixed media is frequently used to push the style to a customary look. It is not strange to find a customary style bedroom suite that has added leather, stone, iron or marble to accent the huge amount of wood found in a bedroom suite. Variety is also attained by mixing night stand styles, providing cheval mirrors to go with, and with upholstered seating at the foot of the bed. Distraught finishes also give the customary bedroom a novel and unique look. In the opposite direction, clear, light sunny finishes also may completely give novel look to a customary style. Natural cherry has become fairly well-liked in that look. Both the Heritage Panel Bedroom and the Country Cherry Bedroom Collection are instances of customary bedroom furniture.

Extraordinary Styling
Extraordinary styling brings all of the above together. When people ask what constitutes an exotic style we be inclined to think of foreign cultural influences. As mass communication and the internet have “shrunk” the world, pretty and stylistic changes from round the globe have had a deep affect on furniture designs. The West Indies look adds mahogany finishes, stone and rattan, the Sahara look brings canopies, palm leaves and sandstone, and the Caribbean style comprises grasses, vibrantly colored fabrics and coconut husks. African influences add bright blends of colors, exotic stone and marble finishes, and Egyptian motifs. Native American influences add traditional rug patterns in fabrics, turquoise accents, handmade pottery and precious stones. Of course the list is endless but it is easy to see how many of these stylistic effects could shape a bedroom selection. It also brings up a best point in that several more daring homeowners opt to decorate using mixtures of styles and woods. Where 20 years ago most decorating did not comprise manifold woods in one room, these days you may find three or four woods in the same color family, a bed made of iron, and case pieces from two diverse styles. Anything goes particularly in extraordinary styling.

Transitional Styling
The transitional furniture category is wide and covers a type that fits neatly among customary and contemporary furniture, normally borrowing style and building elements from both categories. For this reason, you will find transitional styles that are more customary rest that are more modern.
Once you have your style selected, the pieces for a bedroom are reasonably standard. King beds augment in popularity each year, but periodically a consumer will downsize from a king to a queen. New flanged houses have big closets and built-in storage which leaves more room for non-customary furniture in the bedroom. Most famous are loveseats, chaises and large chairs. An area rug to set off that part of the room is also a vital part of the collection.

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