Saving Money Buying Used Furniture

By Miranda McAfee

Used furniture is one of the best buys a household can find in the current economy. When new furniture is needed start your shopping at the used furniture store.

How many times have we seen the big house that sat empty of furniture? We all have friends who bought the largest house in the neighborhood but never invite anyone over because the rooms are empty. There is a way to completely furnish the home without going into debt.

Shopping for used furniture is one of the best ways to obtain the highest quality furniture at the lowest prices. Often the price of a piece of used furniture comparable in style and design to what can be found in new retail stores can be less than a third the retail price.

We all know there are savings to be found when shopping for anything that has been used, such as used cars. But, few of us think of furnishing our homes with “second hand” goods. What we fail to realize is that the chair or the table we buy in a thrift store is probably solid wood and better constructed than what we could afford to purchase new.

When looking for the best pricing and the best quality shopping in a thrift store or a charity store can be the answer to home decorating. Of course, the purchases made in this type of store should be limited to solid wood pieces. Upholstered items may not be clean on the fabric face or beneath it. Avoid buying anything upholstered second hand unless the plan is to have the item totally reupholstered.

Solid wood is always a good deal. Check the piece out carefully for any damage before buying. Then take it home and begin decorating the house.

Miranda McAfee, who began her website career by writing about bedding has recently begun a website about furniture. Again, it was necessity that caused her to put her knowledge to work again. Her son and daughter-in-law came to her to ask advice on selecting furniture. Having spent years buying and selling antiques Miranda decided to begin with the history of furniture starting with the Jacobean furniture era. Today she is teaching the kids to shop wisely by buying used furniture that will last their lifetimes.

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