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Quality Resale Home Furnishings
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Elmira North Star Retro Refrigerator in White – Amana brand. Originally purchased at $3,695, this elegant, yet practical refrigerator is a bargain! Has modern features such as an Ice Maker and Energy Star efficency priced at using only $41/year of electricity. The style on the other hand, is that of the 1950’s, and is ideal for someone looking for that Retro look. Sold at Quality Resale on 600 South Holly St., this refrigerator is considered second-hand, but has never been used. Comes with instruction and installation/operating booklets.

Another note, OUR ITEMS MOVE FAST, in fact most of the pieces posted on this blog are gone within weeks, sometimes days. So act quick if you see something you like! Call us at (303) 322-9907 or email us at qualityresale@comcast.net for ANY questions regarding our items on the floor or to inquire about consigning items yourself!