Master Bedroom Ideas

By: Rob Buenaventura

When it comes to your home, the master bedroom is probably one of, if not the most important room. This is the room that you, as the owner of the home, turn for solace and moments of quiet. This is the room that guards you from the chaos of an often all too hectic world. In order to bring the peace and solitude to your master bedroom that it truly deserves you should decorate carefully and with a goal of serenity in mind.

If you need some great ideas and inspiration for your master bedroom, then perhaps the following advice will give you the kick-start you need.

1) Wall color. In a bedroom you really want colors that are conducive to sleep and easing you into morning. For this reason you do not want harsh or bright colors in your bedroom. Pastels and earth tones work great. Lighter colors create a more restful atmosphere and should be considered strongly over darker colors.

2) Furniture. While you want to make sure you have adequate furniture in your bedroom you should also take care that your bedroom isn’t overcrowded with furniture. That will lend a cramped and cluttered atmosphere to your room that will hamper sleep.

3) Mirrors. Aside from their practical purpose of making it possible to get ready for the day, mirrors are also outstanding instruments for providing the optical illusion of more space.

4) Lighting. Soft lights are excellent for filling corners and furthering the allusion of more spacious quarters. Avoid harsh overhead lighting in order to prevent shadows from filling the corners and making the room seem small.

5) Windows. The larger the windows in your bedroom the better. These allow light to stream into the room. Remember that light is very important and windows allow natural light to filter into the room. Make sure however, that the window coverings in your bedroom aren’t so dark that they stifle the light and make the room look smaller rather than larger.

Hopefully these suggestions will give you a little inspiration when it comes to decorating your master bedroom. Remember to work closely with your partner and get his or her input on design features, as this is his or her room too. By following these suggestions and your own creativity you should be able to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere for you and your partner.

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