The Many Faces of Modern Bedroom Furniture

By: Jonathan Buschlen

Modern bedroom furniture adds a sleek, unique personality to your living space. You might picture these as being nothing more than plain, box-like structures. The reality is that these items come in a variety of different styles that ensure every home can have a personality of its own. Let’s look at a few of these different styles and ideas for adding personality to a space.


Being the main piece in the room, beds should be a focal point that says something. If you select a style that features straight, plain lines, consider adding to it in order to make a statement in the room. For instance, opt for a design with a large, oversized headboard. Look for styles that have a rich texture and the right color to make them stand out and look inviting. If you are having difficulty finding just the right one, choosing a colorful duvet cover or blanket that can also alter the look of the room.


In modern bedroom furniture, dressers combine functionality with a smooth and sophisticated design to compliment the bed and other items in the room. With these pieces, it’s all about the rich wood grains and colorings. Honey stained maple, dark stained cherry, natural alder, and even colored stains enrich the space. Hardware in simple, geometrical shapes is common. However, many styles have none at all sporting routed pulls instead. The doors echo this style; straight, flat panels are a standard.

Chaises, Loungers and Chairs

These are the ‘personality section’ of modern bedroom furniture. Add a splash of color with bright reds, yellows, or blues. An ottoman makes them even more comfortable. Select a funky shaped lounger to break up the straight lines of the other contemporary pieces. If you have a space that’s perfect for relaxing and stretching out, a nice big chaise with clean lines can be a perfect addition to the bedroom.

Mirrors, Accent Tables, and Console Tables

If you’re short on space, mirrors can be excellent accessories for increasing the appearance of space. Geometric shapes with wide frames are a great place to start. If you really want to add reflective beauty, however, look for styles that have interesting shapes and patterns directly on the surface. Modern bedroom furniture includes tables of almost any shape and made from almost any material. Glass tops with elegantly bent supports, zebrawood and rosewood table tops, even stainless steel tubing are making tables as much of a conversation piece as they are functional.

Accessories and Accent Pieces

This is where you really get to show your love for contemporary style as well as your individual personality. Beautiful sculptures and interesting vases help break up the large expanses of solid color. Modern wall art is another area not to over look. Lamps and lighting as well as throws and pillows can eliminate the cold feeling this style can sometimes have. Most of all don’t be afraid to have fun with things and experiment. Sometimes the most unconventional ideas can be the best.

Modern bedroom furniture is all about enjoying clean lines, great colors, and being comfortable. With so many different options to choose from, it’s easy to create a space that reflects the real ‘you’.

Jonathan Buschlen is the author for Scan Design, who has been in operation since 1969. They serve the areas of Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami offering modern bedroom furniture to spice up any home.

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