Making Old Furniture Useful For Your Home

Making Old Furniture Useful for Your Home – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Mary Bokovoy, owner of Hood River reDesign and the way that you can bring new life into old furniture is to take a look at your furniture, and say, if it is a couch, ask yourself, Would it look better in a slip cover? Does it have good enough lines that it will come to life again?, because slip covers have come a long ways.

Lot of times people think, I don’t even want to go there because it is always messing up and then it is a job enough in and of itself to take care of the slip cover. But now if you go to websites like, they have the spandex ones and ones that surrounds each cushion, and they do a great job. And it might well be worth it to invest in one of those.

Or, for example, if you have one tables. A lot of times people are so afraid to paint, but unless its a pristine antique, I say sand her down and paint it. Shellac the baby and it could have a whole new life and be really charming. If you are unwilling to do either of those, I say, you know, put it up for sale at craigslist. Take the money that you have and buy something new or new to you and move on.