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By Tatiya Tatiyasopon

It is quite obvious that in the past, having a house is so difficult for people who have middle level of income as the real estate industry is not so developed like these days as well as the price of land also still high. However, things have changed and now almost everyone can have their own house. Many people see the importance of the house that they live and try to make the most use as well as to make decoration and functions of the house as best as they can an done of the most important rooms in the house is dining room.

Many people could see the importance of the dining room as being the place where not just having every to join the meal together, but also is the place where, especially for the one who love cooking, is enjoying his/her favourite hobby. According to this reason, somebody has put a lot more attention to find nice and functional furniture for their dining room.

As the matter of fact that the price of dining room furniture is vary depending on the material, size, design and where they are imported from (in case they are imported goods) and sometimes also depending on is colour and availability too. This is because sometimes when certain type of furniture is over supply, its price will be automatically goes down, but when the type of furniture is become popular and needed by a lot of people, which make under supply condition, its price ma dramatically increased. One of the most popular materials of furniture for dining room is wood. Because is only the material that generate the felling of warm and nature and many of contemporary dining room furniture are made of wood. There was not the variation of woods and colours, which we see today from various countries around the world.

But now as we can see that the new technology has invented a lot of substitute materials of wood, because wood supply seem to be decrease constantly, as well as the furniture designer love to use other type of the material apart from wood because they want to have the furniture that they design to have more flexibility and durable. Some other material such as metal, fibre glass or even plastic have been developed and designed for dining room furniture. Due to its advantage when the supply of wood is reduced according the natural resource of wood are being demolished. The substituted materials have now become more and more popular among home owner. But other than any reason, the price and function of these materials are very excellent as well as they are also flexible to be available in many different design and shape to correspond to the market needs.

Also, many of furniture stores have very well correspond with this trend, they order and import dining room furniture that made form different material so consumer have many of different choices. However, it is the job for home owners themselves for selecting the furniture that match you their life style, functionality as well as the overall appearance of the house to make sure that they can get better usage of their choice.

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