The Hobby Of Used Furniture Buying Can Easily Get You Hooked

By Torrel Butler

Used furniture is a big business around the world. The marketplace includes everything from a flea market to the professional used furniture buyer to the small antique furniture import-export business. No matter who the used furniture buyer is, they all have one thing in common: finding a good deal. Whether you’re shopping the antique stores for a canopy bed for your daughter, or a husband-wife team operating a home-based business, buying old furniture and selling it for a profit, you’re all looking for a quality piece at the best price.

Some people think new furniture is the only way to go, turning up their noses at furniture already used. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but if you’re of this mindset, you might want to take another look.

Often, used furniture is well cared for and makes a beautiful addition to your home. Older pieces are usually of better construction, made in times when labor was not so expensive,and pieces were made by hand. There’s also the elusive element of “character” that simply cannot be found in a comparable new piece.

Used furniture buyers, both as savvy householders and successful professional used furniture buyers, know there are treasures you’ll never find at the department store waiting to be found. In fact, used furniture buyers derive much satisfaction and pleasure in hunting down that perfect claw-footed oak dining table. Sure, you can find one at a furniture store with a hefty price tag.

Then again, the used furniture buyer, looking to revamp the dining room, can gain many enjoyable excursions to garage sales, flea markets and antique stores and in the end, find that dream piece with matching chairs to perfect their dining room.

This hobby of used furniture buying can easily get you hooked. Many people have turned their hobby into a used furniture buyers business, sometimes only because they don’t have enough room in their own house to house their finds!

If you like international travel, a used furniture buyers business may afford you a way to travel, buying pieces for your business while writing off your expenses incurred in doing so!

A word to the wise. Do a little research and educate yourself. There are many books available which list various styles of used and antique furniture, giving you clues by which you may identify the period of a piece and its authenticity. For example, construction details, markings and anomalies of styling or carving may give you an edge in the market. An unscrupulous dealer may try to pass off a 1930’s mass-produced armoire as Queen so-and-so’s personal bedroom piece. If you can’t tell the difference, you may end up paying a good deal more than the piece is worth.

The used furniture buyers business can be a fascinating and satisfying career. Funny to think it may have all begun with that search for your daughter’s canopy bed.

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