Giving Your Old Tired Sofa a Much Needed Makeover

By Scott A Wells

The sofa has got to be one of the most used items of furniture in our homes. We sit on them on a daily basis and therefore they receive a lot of wear and tear. Whether it is the kids dropping the odd piece of food, the cat walking on it with dirty paws or you spilling the odd glass of red wine your sofa gets a lot of wear and tear. It is easily done and we do our best to try to keep our sofas looking as good as new but after a while they can start to look a little tired. Obviously at this point most people would ideally like to go out and buy a brand new sofa such as a stylish corner sofa or the latest fabric sofa. However you may not be able to afford a new sofa straight away so there are some simple improvements that you can make to your old sofa whilst you are saving up to buy a new sofa.

If your sofa is in reasonable condition but you have had it for a while now and you are just looking to give it a new lease of life then new cushions could be the answer. They do not have to cost the earth and if you are handy with a needle and thread you can make them yourself. The great thing about cushions is that they allow you to add new colours and textures to your sofa which really can make a huge difference.

If however your sofa in not in such good condition perhaps it has a stain on it that you cannot get out. Then a throw is likely to be a better solution. Throws are also great if you no longer like the colour or pattern of your sofa. Throws can be used to cover either the whole of your sofa or just part of it. Throws also do not have to cost the earth, you may already have a blanket or some material which you could use. If not why not try the local charity shop or material shop and make your own. If you do have to buy new shop around and look out for sales.

There are loads of great ways that you can give a tired old sofa a new lease of life with just a little creativity and it does not have to cost the earth either meaning you can save your money to put towards a stylish new corner sofa or the latest fabric sofa.

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