Your Furniture Options

By Jesse Hills

Furniture, such as tables, chairs, or desks, is something that every home needs. Sometimes you may rent a home that is furnished, but usually you will want to get at least some furniture of your own. However, have you gone into a furniture store recently? A while ago, I went into a local furniture store that shall remain nameless. Their sale price for a sofa was over three thousand five hundred dollars! New furniture can cost you a bundle. This article talks about possible ways you can save money on furniture. These include using credit, using installment plans and layaway plans, renting to own, and buying in used furniture stores, which is the best option in my view, as long as you are careful and know what you are doing.

Using a credit card to buy furniture certainly allows you to spend less money up front, and you have some protection if your furniture turns out to be defective. However, if you use it to buy new furniture you end up spending even more money because of the interest charged. Credit cards can be a good option if you are able to pay off the balance in just a few months, and you use them in a used furniture store rather than one like, say Pier One.

Using an installment plan generally costs you less in interest than using plastic, but it is still more expensive than cash and you do not have the protection credit offers. Use this option only if your credit cards are carrying high balances or you have bad credit, and again, buy your furniture used.

A layaway plan is usually the cheapest way to spread out your payments, but added to the installment plan disadvantages are the fact that you have to wait months to get your furniture. This option should only be used if you are really broke, and it would make more sense to save up the monthly amount and then pay cash when you have enough money.

Rent-to-own is the worst option because you end up paying the most. There is a reason that it is hard to find prices other than the monthly amount at rent-to-own websites; it is because the price after making all the payments is so high.

However, with a used furniture store, you can get some awesome bargains, and the selection and the condition of the furniture is much better than you might think. Check some out today and you’ll see. Just remember to check their delivery and return policies, comparison shop at several different stores, and be patient.

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