Four Ways You Can Decorate Your Used Patio Furniture

By Darren W Chow

If you have wicker patio furniture that you purchased years ago and you are thinking about getting something new don’t do it. There are four ways that you can decorate your used furniture that will extend the life and give it a whole new fresh look that will make it appear that you’ve just purchased something new. It won’t cost you a lot of money and isn’t very difficult to perform. What are these four things? Keep reading to find out.

You can always repaint your furniture for a whole new look. Since wicker last for years there is no need to throw it away. If you do then someone else will get these benefits. All you need to do it make sure that it is clean before you do any painting. You can use oil based paint which will help decrease the harmful UV rays from the sun. Or you can use spray paint. Either choice is inexpensive and can be chosen to suit the color décor for your home. If you want to go with a more natural look then you will need to strip the color that is on the wicker if any and use varnish to have a more natural look.

Furniture covers will also give your furniture that extra appeal. You can find many colors and designs to match whatever you might need. The fabric that you choose is also important as you need to be certain to pick something that is based upon long term usage. As your wicker patio furniture will last you want your covers to last as well. Even though it is not expensive you don’t want to pick something that you won’t get the full monetary value from.

For your outside patio furniture you can get a brand new umbrella. It wears down from much use as well. It protects you from the sun while you are outside in the spring and summer months and also the water at other times. They don’t cost a lot of money so it won’t hurt your wallet. You can find styles you like in your favorite store or online.

Repurposing your furniture breathes new life into it. Pieces that were formerly used in your dining room may now have a whole new adventure in your backyard. Or certain pieces can you used in your home office or sunroom. When you start to imagine what other places you could use your furniture you will see that your money has been extended and you can have a whole new look in your home.

When you bought your wicker patio furniture it was a wise decision. Not only is it durable and inexpensive but it lasts for years and years. Because it doesn’t wear out you might eventually get bored with it, but if you don’t throw it out you can find many new usages for those pieces by repainting it, getting new furniture covers, buying a new umbrella or even repurposing it.

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