How to Find Cheap to Barely Used Furniture

Want to up date the furniture in your home but can’t afford to run out and replace the old with something new? Don’t give up so fast, you may be able to get all the furniture you want plus more.

The challenge is, you still don’t have the budget to go out and buy new furniture that reflects your personal design style, but if things stay as they are, it’s gonna be down right depressing at your house.

Here’s good news! Few people know about all these “secret” ways to find furniture at these slashed priced levels. Designer’s have been using these resources for years, now it’s your turn.

Show Room Samples: Design Centers are constantly recycling furniture to keep their model rooms fresh. To avoid stagnant, dust gathering inventory they will place ads in local papers to keep the flow of furniture moving in and out the door. Though more prevalent in large cities, check your ads section regularity for these sales. Better yet, call design centers in your area and inquire about their furniture sale schedule.

Model Home Sales: To make a home more attractive, developers will furnish a home to give the potential buyer an idea of how the house looks lived in. Added furniture is a powerful way to help that potential home owner imagine what it would feel like to live in the home by experiencing it fully furnished.

Here is where the savvy furniture shopper comes in. If you find a piece at a model home that you really love, more times than not, the builder will be happy to sell it to you and a much lower price than you would pay at a furniture store.

The only disadvantage is you may not be able to take the piece home until after the builder is done selling in that development. But it’s a small price to pay in comparison to the money you will save.

Scratch and Dent Rooms: Every furniture store has one. Most of the time these pieces have minor, easy to fix, issues. Determine what you are willing and able to do before shopping to simplify the shopping process. These reject pieces are offered at deep discounted prices because few want to take the time to give them the little bit of TLC they need.

Another place to find scratch and dent rooms with furniture that is slightly damaged but otherwise in mint condition is at furniture warehouses. Often in the process of unloading and moving furniture, something gets slightly damaged or pieces get lost. It could be a simple as a lost foot on a sofa or a set of 3 chairs instead of 4. There may be a lamp base without the shade or a fabric sewn backwards. You never know what you will find until you get there.

This takes a bit of research on your part however, since not all furniture warehouses allow customers to walk through. If there is an option for “pick-up or delivery” than a warehouse is involved. Ask for directions. Ask the sales rep for directions to the warehouse and get shopping.

Storage Units: Storage units are often stuck with store rooms filled with goodies left by clients who have not paid for the space for several months. When this happens, the Unit management will hold auctions to liquidate the space, sell the contents to get these delinquent accounts up to date.

The standard practice is to auction off the entire room. The bidder must be prepared to take everything found within those four walls immediately after purchase. Everything! This is a lot of fun and what you don’t want, need or use, you can sell on the internet or at a yard sale. Call local Storage Companies for their auctions schedule.

If you want that new furniture, but can’t afford paying top price these 4 listed resources are a great way to reach your furniture replacement goals.

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