Economy Furniture – New Furniture at Used Prices

If you have ready the newspaper, listened to the radio or popped on the TV news lately you know the economy is in a tough situation. While every story you hear may relate to people losing their jobs and not having enough money to pay their bills, there is some good news if you are in the market to purchase furniture for your home. Right now, furniture prices are as low as they have been in a long time.

Here’s a look at the reasons for these low prices:

Excess Inventory

When it comes to buying the furniture you see on the showroom floor at the furniture store, most stores make their purchases months and months in advance. This means in the spring they may be putting in orders for their fall and winter furniture items. While this usually works, as the economy changed, the furniture companies found themselves in a tough situation. They had ordered furniture, which was paid for and coming in, as people stopped buying. This means they were left with extra inventory at the end of each season. The more inventory they have, the lower their profit, so they are cutting the prices on these furniture items in order to sell them and get them out of inventory.

Low Sales

The economic situation has caused many people to reevaluate what they are willing to buy right now. People who may have been thinking of getting a new house or redecorating the one they have, may now be a little more focused on keeping as much of their income as they can, putting money in the bank and preparing for any bad times that are to come. This means the furniture stores are seeing fewer sales and lower profits. In a hope of convincing many of those people to change their mind, and look once again at a furniture purchase, many furniture stores are chopping their prices, hoping they can get them low enough to convince people to come off of the money they were socking away.


Whether furniture stores are making sales or not, they still have expenses. The showroom where they present that furniture to you is not free. Every month they have to pay rent, just like the rest of us. Unfortunately for the furniture company, more often than not the rent on that furniture showroom or warehouse where they keep their inventory is very high and they really need to do whatever they can to make enough profit to cover the bills. This often means slashing prices to make more sales.

Out of Business

The final way to find furniture at major discount prices is to look for furniture stores that have failed. Many furniture stores just can’t make it in today’s economy and are going out of business. When they do this they often liquidate the inventory they have. While this is a sad time for them, it can be a great time for you to find the furniture pieces you want at a great discount.

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