Considering Used Furniture For Bedrooms

By Marc Boyajian

Furniture is expensive. This is no surprise to anyone who has spent thousands on a new living room only to find that their new puppy or kitten enjoyed the couch as much as they did, and needed to replace it before it was even paid for. With pet owners, there’s little sense having perfect furniture, at least in the beginning.

Buying used can have many benefits, the least of which is saving money. Many households with pets will choose to buy used couches, etc., rather than going through the expense of paying full price for a new living room set and watching it get chewed on or clawed. At least with used items, you aren’t still paying for it when it comes time to be replaced.

Unfortunately, used pieces have certain negative connotations. People tend to think of chairs with their stuffing popping out and couches with stains and sagging. This is just not true!

If items are made well, they will last for years and years. Finding a table or a bureau in perhaps a second hand store could be a real find! Some pieces can be over fifty years old and still look perfect, and cost very little. Frequently a coat of paint or some simple refinishing can turn an old dusty artifact from an attic into a new showpiece in your own home.

Anyone who likes working with his hands or doing any type of craft project usually loves to refinish things. There are some stay at home moms who make a very nice living just by buying old ugly pieces and painting and refinishing them. Other than a few simple tools and a quick trip to your local hardware store, this is actually a viable home business that can help you redecorate your home and make money at the same time.

Families with kids have already learned that used is best. Teenage daughters are infamous for changing their design tastes on a regular basis, and just as you pay off the princess bed she wanted to die for last year, she now decides she needs a completely new bed. Fortunately, she isn’t the only girl out there going through these identity crises and you’ll be able to find other moms selling just what your daughter is in the mood for now.

Second hand stores, consignment shops and even eBay are perfect places to start. Check bulletin boards at your school and daycare centers, too.

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