Choosing Living Room Furniture

By Ben Tullett

Choosing your living room furniture is a large undertaking. It’s one the most expensive investments in home furnishing and often one of the first things visitors notices when they enter your living room. You want to make certain you have furniture that’s going to look great, but you also want furniture that’s going to provide all the seating you need and that stands up to everything your family puts it through.

The first and most important step when it comes to selecting furniture is to make certain all of the items you decide to purchase will fit comfortably in the available space. If you buy a large sofa and arm chairs for a fairly small living room, you may find that all of the pieces either don’t fit or fit but make the room look very full. While you certainly can fill up your lounge by packing as much furniture into it as possible, this makes the room look smaller and gives it a cramped feeling. If you have a large family or a small living room and need the storage or seating, you may have to accept that it will look cramped.

Once you’ve measured your living room and know how much space you’ve got to work with, it’s time to decide what pieces of living room furniture you want to purchase. Most people go with a sofa and a few chairs, but you don’t have to. A large sofa (big enough to seat three people comfortably) is often the centerpiece of the living room. It’s great for company and can provide a nice place for a nap. However, you can always replace it with armchairs if you prefer. You can also get a corner sofa arrangement or more flexible seating as an alternative. It all depends on what you like, what fits your needs and the available space.

If you do decide to get a large sofa, you have a few choices. There’s the traditional straight sofa, or you can look at sectionals. Many modern sectional sofas look quite interesting and bring a new look to the living room. However, if you’re a traditionalist, you can still find the three-pieced curved sectional sofa. Another sofa option is a sleeper, pull out or futon sofa. If you often have family members or friends in from out of town and want to offer them a place to sleep, you may want one of these sofas that have a pull-out mattress below the cushions.

Other furniture often required for a lounge area include entertainment units, or TV stands, coffee tables, side tables or living room storage for films and music CDs. These items of furniture are available in a wide range of colours and styles and it’s not essential that they all match. Often a more eclectic range of colours and styles can be used to give a room a different style, look and feel.

Also remember to find furniture that fits with the style of the rest of your home. Leather furniture, for example, might not look right in some living rooms but not others. Likewise, furniture with a pattern or design to it may overpower a room that is done in a simpler style. Keep in mind your colour scheme and look for living room furniture that won’t clash.

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