How to Buy Used Furniture the Smart Way

By Tina Sherman

Knowing how to buy used furniture spells the difference between having a cheap product that falls apart the first time you’ve used it or a cheap furniture that you can still enjoy for a long time without refinishing it. Another reason is that when you know how to buy used furniture, you will be able to acquire designer or expensive and/or rare antique furniture at the fraction of the cost that you would normally spend when you buy the same first hand.

Furniture comes in varied types, designs, material, shapes, colors, and sizes. Some serve a decorative purpose, some serve as functional pieces of furniture, while some have both form and functionality.

The choice of the kind of furniture is up to you as you will be the one who will use it for years to come. Therefore when you want to buy cheap furniture, you should be smart at doing so, here are smart ways where you will be able to come up with the best furniture to further beautify your home.

o Beautifully crafted used furniture can be found in many places. You can find them in bazaars, neighborhood garage sales, flea markets, and estate auctions. You can even find them online through websites such as: Craigslist and eBay.

o These places will often have rare or must buy furniture that you can’t possibly let go, therefore before you personally visit these places, you should have enough money with you to pay for your purchase.

o You can restore or refinish used but damaged furniture. If you’re in the market to buy discount furniture that has been used and has damages, see to it that you have inspected the product thoroughly before paying.

Check the item for cracks, breaks, roughness, protruding objects, and torn upholstery then decide if this item is no match to your restoring or refinishing talents.

o In learning how to buy used furniture smartly, you should also seek the advise of those who are more knowledgeable than you: friends, family, interior decorators, the auctioneer himself, or you can obtain information from interior decorating magazines or surfing the Internet for more tips.

o When you want to buy used vintage furniture, decide first on the period you will want your piece to come from. For instance, if you want wrought iron furniture that screams Victorian era, look for breaks and joins if the furniture has it, then it’s not wrought iron but cast iron furniture. Another telltale sign is that Victorian wrought iron is characterized by grapevine leaf and fleur de lis designs.

o The secret to learning how to buy used furniture, is not buying something because it’s cheap or that you like it. You must consider the space you’re putting the furniture on to see to it that the item fits that space and the design, style, color, as well as type of material shouldn’t clash with the theme of your living room so that you’re table will not stand out like a sore thumb.

With the economy right now, there is certainly much sense and practicality in learning how to buy used furniture. This is not only so that you will be able to find cheap furniture for price’s sake but cheap furniture that has quality, style, design, and even functionality that makes a bold statement on your living room.

You of course mix and match used furniture with first hand furniture and this is the secret that some interior decorators use in their design recommendations. If you’re in the market for first hand coffee tables, check out Coffee Table Furniture Store for wonderfully crafted and styled tables that fit your budget. For a neutral look that goes well with any design theme, you can look at buying a White Coffee Table.

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