Bedroom Furniture – How To Get The Right Look


When you have been hard at work all day the sight of your bed is definitely a welcoming one; being able to walk into your bedroom and place everything away quickly and efficiently is something that should be a given, however without the right bedroom furniture this can quickly become a chore. A crowded bedroom with clothes strewn everywhere is the antithesis of relaxing, & a lack of bedroom storage can add precious minutes to every day as you try (and fail) to find the things you are looking for.

Items such as bedroom wardrobes, chest of drawers and bedside cabinets are all key to ensuring your bedroom turns out exactly how you want it to, and then of course there’s your bed. Out of all the furniture in your bedroom, the bed is definitely one of the most important features. It provides you with the space you sleep in and in many cases the place where you unwind and read a book or watch TV. With this in mind it is the item in your room that creates the atmosphere of the room, it is the item that the rest of the room is focused around. So it should be comfortable, good quality and stylish. But the best mattress you can afford, it will affect both the quality & quantity of your sleep.

The bed is the aspect of the room that sets the tone for much of the remaining furniture, it is important that all of the pieces match or complement the bed when it comes to the finish and colour used – often the bed & the bedroom furniture are bought separately, & a bed in, say, dark brown leather can be beautifully complemented by bedroom furniture in Wenge (a dark oak). Moving away from the need to exactly match bed & bedroom furniture provides the freedom to focus more on design & functionality rather than buying furniture because it matches.

A lot of the beds that are available are made in Italy, in modern designs, and with this in mind they are often slightly lower down than those that are more traditional, so this is something that you need to keep in mind when it comes to your bedside cabinets. When you are choosing the bedside cabinet that you want to place next to your bed, make sure you consider the height, it needs to be tall enough so that when you are in bed you can reach your alarm clock and lamp etc. Fortunately most of the bedside cabinets from Italy are made in a number of different finishes & heights, allowing you to choose from a staggering range of colours & sizes, so there is no need to have bedside cabinets that don’t match, or are the wrong height.

One of the most popular styles available is a contemporary style. This involves modern designs and sleek finishes, including fabrics, leather, & matt or gloss lacquers, as well as the usual wood finishes. A lot of the beds in this collection are platform beds that are close to the floor and to accompany this ever growing style there are a number of bedside tables available that are low enough to work, but still include the storage aspect of drawers. Many of the very low single drawer units are extra wide to compensate, some up to a metre wide, which provides a distinctive European look, but requires a large amount of floor space.

More and more of us are opting for the contemporary style when it comes to how we furnish our bedrooms and with this in mind there is one style that stands out more than any others in this collection, this is the lacquer finish. Modern contemporary furniture that has a finish of lacquer is stylish and gives you the option of having your furniture in either a matt or gloss finish, & has the huge advantage of being available in a multitude of colours, allowing you to create a cohesive look based on a palette of colours rather than relying solely on soft furnishings to provide accents. If your bed is white, but your curtains are a mix of blue, grey & white the bedroom furniture could be finished in a lighter grey to pull the whole bedroom together as a “look”. Most of the higher quality Italian bedroom furniture companies also make bedroom wardrobes, so co-ordinating is both easy & fun.

An added advantage of ordering a matching bedroom wardrobe from an Italian furniture supplier is the large number of available options for an Italian made bedroom wardrobe. Sitting somewhere in between a fully fitted wardrobe & a stand alone fixed design wardrobe these can be customised with handy internal options like internal chests of drawers, sliding shoe racks & trouser rails, internal lights & more. These wardrobes can be ordered in anything from a basic 2 door model to a huge composition covering an entire wall. Doors can be sliding or hinged, & can be a mix of mirrored, wood, glass or lacquer.

Creating the right mood and look when it comes to your bedroom is easy to achieve when you take advantage of contemporary furniture pieces. So make sure you keep this in mind when you are buying your bedroom furniture and you are sure to create the bedroom of your dreams.


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