5 Tips on Buying Used Furniture

By William Brister

Here are 5 tips to help you find quality used furniture at low prices in your local area.

Tip 1 – Where to find Used Furniture?

There are multiple sources in your local area where you can find quality used furniture at a low price. Classified ads are one of the most common ways for people to offer their used furniture for sale. This of course includes offline classifieds like your local newspaper or independent magazines like the Green Sheet offered in the major cities of Texas. For online classifieds you have the most frequented site for classifieds in Craigslist.com. There you will find online classifieds by owners, used furniture stores and consignment stores.

Beyond classifieds, the next major source to find quality used furniture is your local used furniture store or consignment store. At a used furniture store you will find furniture that has been purchased either from owners directly or at estate sales etc. At a consignment store the furniture owner signs an agreement that allows the consignment store owner the right to sell their furniture for a certain price or a price range within a certain period of time which will usually be 30, 60, 90, or 120 days or until sold.

Tip 2 – What to look for in Buying Used Furniture?

When buying used furniture there are three do’s. First, do look for quality in the used furniture. This will include looking for real wood furniture. In many instances you can find great quality used oak, pine, or other real wood pieces of furniture that are like new. The second do is to look for furniture that has been treated kindly. You want furniture that has not been thrown around, moved often, or left in humid locations for long periods of time like garages or attics. You want to make sure the legs on certain pieces are not loose etc. The last do is to simply find what you want. You don’t have to settle for just any piece of furniture. If you are patient and give it some time you should be able to find a quality piece of furniture that is exactly what you want.

Tip 3 Why Buy Used Furniture?

You may ask yourself, “Why buy used furniture?” The best reason for buying used furniture is of course you can get great quality furniture for a fraction of the original price. Also, in many cases the furniture has been cared for properly and the current owner just happens to want to sell in order to buy more new furniture.

Tip 4 When to Buy Used Furniture?

There is actually a better time of the year to buy used furniture. Furniture sales begin to rise in January and run through May as many people will buy furniture during the time they are receiving their tax refunds. Of course, you can find quality used furniture throughout the year but in the spring you may be able to find a better deal. Also, in particular situations for example someone moving or experiencing a divorce or having general financial problems may open the opportunity to find some great used furniture deals. It is not to take advantage of someone but really may help them in a pinch.

Tip 5 How to Buy Used Furniture?

Using some general negotiating skills can help you in buying used furniture. You do want to get the best price you can and in buying used furniture the price is completely negotiable. The number one negotiating principle is to be willing to walk away from the deal. You should have a price in mind that you want to pay but start the negotiation with a price lower. For example, let us say you are looking at a sofa you would like to purchase at a local consignment store. The store owner tells you the price is $300.00. You want to buy the sofa for say $250.00. So start the negotiation at $200.00 and more than likely the consignment owner will take $250.00 splitting the difference with you.

With these 5 tips you should be able to find quality used furniture in your local area and at a price you are willing to pay. Please visit our website for articles, videos, ideas, and more to help you find used furniture in your area, www.UsedFurnitureStores.com.

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